Extend-A-Post - 1-3/8" OD Extensions 2' Long - Vertical - Flat Mount - 10 Pack

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Extend-A-Post - 1-3/8" OD Extensions 2' Long - Vertical - Flat  Mount - 10 Pack
These fast and easy vertical post extensions for PVC and/or wood fence were designed and are manufactured onsite at our facility in eastern North Carolina. The design was developed and implemented by our head engineer who brings to the table more than 42 years of experience in the industry. 
These extensions are installed on existing fence - wood and/or PVC - and any other existing structures to include post, fence, brick, concrete, wall, etc. EXTENSIONS ARE FLAT OR SURFACE MOUNT.
Fasteners are NOT included. Extensions are VERTICAL. Dimensions are 1-3/8" OD (Outside Dimension)  round pipe x 2' total length. 
For similar extensions for chain link fence, please see our separate "Extend-An-Arm for Chain Link" listing. Please see our line of extensions to include barbed / barb wire arm (45-degree and vertical) as well as various other extensions to include horizontal post as well as fence extensions. We invite you to contact customer service for questions. 
**Legal Disclaimer: All products in the "Extend-A" Line (including Extend-A-Post, Extend-An-Arm, and Extend-A-Section are the exclusive design and intellectual property of The Fence Department, Inc. We claim and reserve the right of all legal protections. Please do not infringe.