Extend-A-Post - 1-5/8" OD Pipe Extension 2' Long - Use with 1-3/8" Top Rail - Black - 9 Pack

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Extend-A-Post - 1-5/8" OD Pipe Extension 2' Long - Use with 1-3/8" Top Rail - Black - 9 Pack
These fast and easy BLACK PAINTED OVER GALVANIZED STEEL post extensions were designed and are manufactured onsite at our facility in eastern North Carolina. The design was developed and implemented by our head engineer who brings to the table more than 42 years of experience in the industry. 
These extensions are installed on existing fence, eliminating the need to remove and reinstall the top rail. Extensions are simply bolted onto existing top rail - fast and easy. Bolts are included. Extensions can be positioned to extend fence at any angle. 
While extensions are needed for a variety of reasons, Extend-A-Post is the perfect solution for preventing pets (especially cats and dogs) from climbing and/or escaping your fence enclosure. If you have a pet who is an escape artist, the Extend-A-Post solution installed at the angle of your choosing may be the answer for you. Simply install Extend-A-Post and attach a barrier of your choice (chain link mesh, chicken wire, fabric, hardware, etc.) to create a backyard fortress for your pet. Price is for 9 extensions with bolts. 
The 9 extensions included in this package provide approximately 100 feet of coverage. Depending on your individual needs, our Extend-A-Fence product may also be considered as an option in your overall design solution.
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