Extend-A-Post - 1-5/8" OD Pipe Extension 2' Long - Use With 1-5/8" TopRail - 9 Pack


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Please be aware that this product only works with a 1-5/8" top rail only. Only works with a 1-5/8" top rail and it will not work with a 1-3/8" top rail.

Please note these Extensions are 1-5/8" OD (outside dimension) and are designed to be used on 1-5/8" OD Top Rail only. They are 2' long and 9 come to a pack - Bolts included.

Please measure carefully as return shipping can be costly on this item. Call if you have any questions on measurements, we are eager to help!

   These extensions come in a pack of 9 which gives you 100' of coverage counting two end post. You can position these rails at any angle for whatever your project desires. Please note that you need a secure base for these extensions, so if you have a spinning/loose top rail on an older fence for example, please consider adding "Top Rail Locks". (TL-158-4). These will lock your top rail into place giving you a secure base for your new extensions! What's great about these extensions? They can be installed on existing fence, eliminating the need to remove and reinstall the top rail. Extensions are simply bolted onto existing top rail fast and easy. They were designed and manufactured onsite at our facility in eastern North Carolina.

   Shown in pictures the extensions have a dome cap. However, due to the many uses a recessed cap has become the favorite request from our customers. It is more useful for the add-on features.